Can we stay in the student house we are living in for another year? +

Of course! Existing tenants always get to choose whether they would like to stay in their property for another year. We either email you or drop you a text just to double check.

Who changes light bulbs? +

If you are unsure how to do this, we can do it for you! Simply contact the office on 01482 445588.

How does the internet work? +

Our internet works off a wireless router, normally found under the stairs or in another communal area. The network name and password for your house will be written on top of the router. We include free internet routers on all 3 bedrooms and above!

What is provided with the house? +

Our student houses are fully furnished. Along with the usual living room furniture, each house is provided with a hoover, microwave, kettle, toaster, iron and ironing board. Bedrooms will contain a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, desk, and desk chair. Carpets or laminate flooring and curtains or blinds are provided throughout!

Is there a deposit or bond to pay? +

No! We have never taken a deposit and, for contracts signed after 1st June 2019, no admin fee is payable.

Do you insure my possessions? +

Unfortunately, we only insure our building and our contents. However, we strongly advise all our tenants to take out personal possessions insurance – this is usually included under your parents’ policy!

Are Pets allowed? +

Although we love all things fluffy here at Accommodation Warehouse, we do not allow pets. This is because some of our staff are allergic to them and we cannot carry out necessary maintenance work if they are present!

Is the street I live on safe? +

Like any other major city, Hull does experience crime. The majority of thefts occur through unlocked doors or open windows. However, to minimise the risk of a burglary, we recommend locking your front door even whilst the house is occupied; closing windows when you are out of the room; ensuring valuables are not on show; leaving at least one light on in an evening and setting your burglar alarm, if you have one fitted. If you don’t have one, we can fit one in for you! Here at Accommodation Warehouse, safety is our number one priority.

Can couples share rooms? +

Unfortunately, only one person can be in full time occupation of any room due to health and safety regulations.

Do you have an out of hours number? +

Yes! In the case of an emergency, please call 0777 3315247 and leave a message. Should you have a gas leak, please also call Transco on 0800 111 999 .

Can I smoke inside the property? +

All our student properties are strictly no smoking throughout. It is against regulations and in breach of the contract if you smoke or permit someone to smoke inside the property. However, you are more than welcome to smoke in your garden!

Are utility bills included? +

All of our three bedroom properties and above include utility bills – we do not have a limit! However, we do ask that you be sensible and have a fair usage policy.

What if I can't afford my rent? +

Please do let us know if you are struggling with your rent – we are very understanding if you communicate with us! Ultimately, your rent must be paid in full, but we can arrange alternate payment plans to help you with your financial struggles.



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